Smart Sensors & connectivity 

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IoT Sensor nodes

Integrated sensor technology provides unprecedented data and system functionality

Wireless technologies and cloud-services enable a new set of data extraction. From tracking applications to remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance solutions, we specialize in combining a variety of sensors into a single solution. Our designs are equipped with local communication such as ModBus and Ethernet, as well as short-range or long-range wireless capabilities such as Bluetooth, WiFi, SigFox or Cellular connectivity.  Additionally, we are experienced in Sub-GHz mesh networking sensors and creating virtual wireless backbones for IoT applications needing long-range and low power. 

Regardless of the application, we incorporate onboard encrypted security functionality to ensure your data and transmission is secure. 

Our sensor experience includes:   

  • Accelerometers

  • Gyroscopes

  • Humidity Sensors

  • Temperature Sensors

  • GPS Sensors

  • Capacitive Touch Sensors

  • Microphone

  • Optical Sensor (UV, IR, etc)

  • Proximity Detectors

  • Gas Sensors

  • Digital Compasses

  • Electromagnetic Field Sensors

  • Liquid Level Indicators

  • Pressure Sensors

  • Time-of-Flight Sensors (TOF)

INDUSTRIAL Internet Of Things (IoT)


  • Inertial & Environmental Sensors

  • Signal Conditioning

  • AD/Converters

  • Sensor Fusion

  • Location Tracking


  • Short-Range Wireless

  • Long-Range Wireless

  • Power Management

  • Cloud & Gateway Services

  • Advanced I/O 


  • System Application Processing

  • Expanded Memory

  • Communication Management

  • Sensor Management

  • Advanced Local Analytics

  • Host Applications

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