Data Analysis

IoT Solutions for Agriculture, Crops and Animal Welfare


Enabling crop efficiency and animal welfare solutions

Advances environmental and biometric sensors incorporating into efficient wireless products set Axsys Automation's solutions apart. We have been able to help our clients build state-of-the-art crop monitoring solutions, as well as livestock solutions for tracking and health monitoring.

Axsys leverages sensors and wireless solutions for environmental and biometric data for local remote analytics.

For crop growth, the environmental data enables maximum crop yield. For livestock, the sensors we've developed has provided much-needed health information to detect and prevent sickness, helps determine eating patterns and even provides tracking data 

We provide the who, what, where, and when of data for the industry - SECURELY.

By leveraging our cross-industry experience and resources, you will be able to bring your product to market quickly, using the latest technology while positioning yourself as a market leader in quality and performance.

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