Iot Gateways

Quick & Secure Cloud Connectivity

IoT gateway solutions from Axsys Automation

Axsys Automation has years of experience developing solutions for both wireless and local connectivity, with as much or as little functionality as needed for the application, including building automation, energy, industrial, transportation and many more. From protocol translation to connecting legacy devices to the cloud, Axsys is your resource for gateways. 

We can provide three types of gateways:

  • Basic: Simple connectivity by passing through data. 
  • Sophisticated:  Some local analytics and configurable through a mobile app
  • High-Performance:  Executes local algorithms and is fully customizable using Java


  • High-Speed Networking
  • Real-Time Processing
  • Scalable Hardware
  • High Memory Capacity
  • Fast Data Throughput


  • Secure Boot
  • Authentication Secure
  • Communication
  • Privacy  


  • Cross-Device Rules
  • Device Management
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates
  • Wireless Connectivity  


  • Simplify APIs & SDKs
  • Integrated Middleware
  • Data Normalization & Storage
  • Device & Cloud Connectors
  • Privacy