Forward-thinking embedded software and  IoT application development

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Embedded software enables greater value and differentiation for your products; as well as provide the building blocks for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.  The Axsys team works closely with you to determine the correct functionality and system architecture for your particular product, application, and user experience through a comprehensive discovery process. This process allows Axsys to optimize your embedded software architecture to meet both high-performance device-level functionality and seamless application integration. 

Embedded Software

Hardware Control

Software for controlling machines and devices

Ui/UX Development

Intuitive User Interfaces

Providing clean designs for displaying data  

Mobile Apps

Efficient Mobile Access

 Solutions for providing awareness and access to information

Web Applications

Scalable & Secure APIs

Expertise to deliver simple web applications and SaaS platforms 

Embedded Software Development

Device Software

Delivering product intelligence, analytics, and cognitive capabilities 

Device Driver Development

Device Drivers

 High-performance drivers maximizing computing resources

Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) Development

Real-time OS

Consistency, and deterministic reliability for any application  

Board Support Packages  (BSP)

Board Support Packages 

Saves time and money while maximizing any product's potential  

Cloud Integration Services from Axsys

Cloud Platform

Analytics development for data analysis, trends, etc. 

System Integration/API Development

System Integration

Real-time data synchronization across multiple platforms

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications

Increases productivity and access to data from anywhere

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence

Better decision making with real-time data and intuitive dashboards



We create solutions using just about every major software development environment for every role of the device, connectivity, security and cloud integration. Our services include database design, web applications, system integration for local and cloud networks, mobile application development and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development.  We  provide integration services for cloud web services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)Microsoft AzureIBM WatsonGoogle CloudSamsung Cloud Services and many more. Our solutions meet business needs through useful features and functioning bug-free. 

Experience Matters

Odoo CMS - a big picture

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