DATA empowers users

End-to-end IoT solutions provide local and remote connectivity for gathering and analyzing data 

Just about any application will receive value from more data.  Real-time alarms, mobile apps, and regular data analysis can properly alert farmers of livestock location, health and eating disorders. Active sensors monitor the livestock location, temperature, muscle movements, oxygen and other essential biometric data and transmit this information using either a short- or long-range wireless solutions to the cloud. Preventative health monitoring saves the farmers money, while livestock tracking helps quickly locate the heard. 

Equipment operators are experiencing the benefits of data empowerment through preventive equipment maintenance, saving time and money.  For example, adding temperature, humidity, and vibration sensors provide the necessary data on industrial engines to determine if they are overworked, running too hot, or not running correctly. 

Gathering and analyzing the right data will provide change, reduce costs and enhance our lifestyles. Axsys can help you collect, compute and analyze your data for a complete connectivity solution.


Provides and records millions of valuable data points


Enables system connectivity and local storage


Provides remote data access, system health and alarm status


Enables data encryption and protection 

Cloud Services

Data aggregation,  visualization and analytics



Axsys Automation ensures the devices are web and mobile ready by implementing drivers exposing the APIs to interface with PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. We also provide mobile apps and integrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Samsung Cloud Services, or other client cloud solutions.   

Let Axsys solve your connectivity challenges