Performance and User Experience

Cloud Services from Axsys Automation

Axsys Automation provides native apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux for seamless integration with cloud  environments . Each app we build focuses on user productivity with effortless backend integration with full database support. 

Depending on the requirements, the app will provide device monitoring, control, and performance analytics. 

what to Expect from Axsys

With over 20 years of software development experience, we leverage our best practices and proven design methodologies and apply those with an intuitive user experience approach and adaptive design architecture.  We expect each mobile app to be high-performing and unique to the requirements.


Data & Logic Processing

  • Reliable, Stable & Secure

  • Seamless Data Exchange

  • Remotely Execute Functions



Device & Network Management

  • Manage Edge Nodes & Gateways

  • Monitor Device Functions

  • Mobile & App Functionality


data analytics

Real-Time Insights Lead to Actions

  • Local & Remote Processing

  • Aggregation  & Visualization

  • Fleet Analytics


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