Short & Long Range Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity Solutions

Axsys Automation develops both hardware and software solutions for communicating efficiently between devices in real-time using short- and long-range wireless connectivity or a traditional wired networks.

A key differentiator for Axsys is our ability to effectively implement a variety of protocols, network topologies and data exchange rules through integrated solutions. We engage in this activity daily, and you can be assured we investigate and use the right mix of technologies for your application needs. 


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WiFi & Sub-GHz

Best used for high-speed, high-throughput data exchanges needing robust power and productivity

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Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Smart is used for short-range, low-power direct connectivity, to other BLE-enabled devices. 

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Used for LoRaWAN
™, SIGFOX, LTE-MTC, and NB-IoT large-scale, long-range M2M deployments.  

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Used with traditional 3G, 4G, 5G networks for applications needing long-range connectivity. 

Multi-level, Integrated Solutions

It's not about the device, it's about the application 

Data is critical in today's environment, and it will only continue to evolve. That is why Axsys Automation takes the time to truly understand the total application, not just the device needs. We ask the right questions to design a product that will be used well into the future and built on a platform that is secure and scalable as the internet of things becomes readily available.  

Application & connectivity Flexibility

Great designs start by asking the right questions 


What are we connecting? How many? What is the data we are capturing? Where is the logic? Are we interfacing to other networks? These are just a subset of questions we ask to understand the complexity of the device and application. 


The length and/or path of the point-to-point communication, gateways used, noise or obstructions are all criteria used to determine the best, most reliable network structure and technology needed. 


We evaluate the amount of data that needs to be transferred today, and in the future, to ensure device longevity. 


Some applications require long-lasting or rechargeable batteries, and others are just low-power. We use a variety of software and hardware designs to maximize the battery life and the total lifespan of the product. 


We consider three types of costs; development costs, manufacturing costs and operational costs. We work directly with you to determine an appropriate ROI and actively avoid prohibitive network costs associated with connectivity, maintenance, and replacement. 


Some devices will reside in harsh environments which is why we work to identify all use cases and design a solution that will be dependable and long-lasting. 

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