turn-key manufacturing

quality & integrity

during all phases of manufacturing

 Our value-driven customer service model ensures we meet your time and quality expectations. Each product is built using care and meticulous attention to detail. Throughout each phase of the manufacturing process, your products are reviewed by experienced professionals and tested for consistency, precision, and quality. You can rely on Axsys Automation to be your manufacturing partner for design support, procurement, kitting, assembly, and testing for your products.  

New Product Development - Prototyping


Extensive background and creativity in embedded product development enable us to offer comprehensive prototyping services:

  • Specification Development

  • Design Verification

  • Final Assembly & Test

  • Mechanical & Hand Assembly

  • Manufacturing & Testing Capabilities:

    • Analog Devices

    • Digital Systems

    • Interfaces

    • Micro-controllers

    • Low-power Devices

Pilot and Production Manufacturing

Pilot and production

We provide all materials and assemblies and offer several programs to reduce procurement costs and assembly time.

  • SMT: Fine Pitch & BGA Placement

  • Double-sided Mixed Technology

  • Conformal Coating

  • ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 13485:2003

  • Final Assembly and Test

  • Fulfillment Programs:

    • Consignment of materials

    • Kitting

    • Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing - Testing and Implementation Services

test and implementation

Axsys ensures the most critical part of manufacturing is completed accurately and efficiently.

  • Test Program Development

  • RMA Test & Repair

  • Functional Test 

  • In-circuit Test 

  • Board & System Integration

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