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Products Enabling Transparency and Visibility Can Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

Large corporations report up to 20% of operating costs are spent on energy, and these costs will continue to rise. There are two factors that can help mitigate these rising costs: Automation and Conservation. Automation allows users to schedule lights and activities when they are needed-for example, heating/cooling based on occupancy. Accessing and analyzing real-time data allows users to accurately predict and properly reduce energy consumption based on demand, as well as the ability to schedule needed maintenance and repair to off-line devices-all enabling energy conservation.

Axsys Automation can help you in a variety of ways. We can help you develop Smart Devices, like thermostats, controllers, and sensors that allow you to control your environment. We can also help you develop applications and GUIs for programming and accessing your devices. These are not limited to building controls, but we can help with lights, displays, controllers, remote monitoring devices- from restaurant equipment to solar equipment, we have the experience to help you be energy smart.