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Provide deeper customer engagement & real-time diagnostics with IoT technology

Axsys provides IoT ODM/OEM products

Axsys Automation has been at the edge of the internet technology curve for over twelve years developing key products that allow users to remotely monitor, access and control their equipment using the internet. Now, as a key development partner with Intel, Axsys Automation can help you make the ‘next big thing’ yours. We specialize in IoT Gateways and Routers to augment your internet and IoT capabilities.

What is IoT?

At a fundamental level, IoT is made of “things” that connect to the internet, such as cars, lights, televisions, and home appliances. IoT is the vision of syncing these “things” to the cloud for easier management and connectivity. An example of IoT in business is syncing a printer to the internet. When the printer runs out of paper, the cloud can automatically order more without human involvement. Simplified office life can be a reality with IoT.

Why Use IoT? How Does it Work?

The idea behind IoT is simply making equipment smart. Connecting equipment to the internet can make your business vastly more efficient and productive, through easier management of data systems to improved rates of accuracy in a machine. Anything with an off/on switch can be connected to the internet with certain technology, which Axsys Automation specializes in. Syncing equipment to the cloud boosts accuracy levels and removes time-consuming jobs from the workplace, such as payroll, data entry, and manually sending out invoices.

Benefits of IoT:


Integration of hardware and software quickly removes security threats by targeting where data is the most vulnerable to attack. Extra connectivity between security systems and software easily and safely ensures double the protection.


Better communication through devices can make workplaces more productive, speed up output, and lay down a foundation for connecting new devices. Communication is key in the workplace, and although ideas can get lost in translation, machines can erase the small data errors workers make.


Advanced data management with IoT easily analyzes remote devices and simplifies their management and deployment. M2M (machine to machine) process flows will manage the communication with connected devices/sensors, and stores, secures, and analyzes data.

Axsys Automation and IoT

Axsys Automation can help bridge the gap of equipment and the internet, which not only improves productivity, but also decreases busy work. Users will have the ability to remotely monitor, access, and control equipment through the internet. We offer in-house manufacturing services for testing, prototyping and low-volume production runs. We have the necessary team and facility to offer manufacturing services for your new products.

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