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Greater Readability, User-Friendly, Forward Facing Displays

From paper to LCD’s, our society has endless uses for displays, and Axsys Automation can help you turn the task of walking around and hanging a printed schedule for a conference room into a fully automated scheduling system using a variety of digital display options. You will not only impress clients, but also save valuable time and resources. This same display and automation technology, mobile, and internet applications can be used for inventory management, price tags, promotional displays, and so much more. Just think of the possibilities when you combine small compact displays with wireless technology-the applications are endless.

Current Display Technologies Available:

  • E-paper Displays
  • Sharp Memory Displays


E-Paper Displays

E-Paper is the next generation in display technology that mimics traditional paper displays, but is easier to read and requires very little power. Unlike traditional LCD displays, E-Paper displays reflect light and have a wider viewing angle, making them easier and more comfortable to read over LCDs and some printed displays. EPDs are also bistable in nature, meaning they require no power to maintain an image on the screen. This technology makes them ideal for a variety of high-volume, low-cost applications. These small, versatile displays can be networked together, and then updated using a simple GUI and a secure wireless network. Thousands of applications will become more efficient and more cost effective using E-Paper display over traditional signage. Axsys Automation partners with Pervasive Displays to deliver EPD solutions in a variety of sizes from 1.44″ to 10.2″ tablet size.

Benefits Include
  • Better readability, especially in direct sunlight
  • Years of battery life using bi-stable technology which allows the electronics to hold text and images indefinitely without power
  • Easily updated through web-based GUI
  • Grey-scale appearance and color reflected displays are available
  • Save time and money through ‘batched’ scheduling – updating hundreds of displays simultaneously
  • Example Applications
  • Conference Room Agendas
  • Medical Devices
  • Warehouse Logistics Signage
  • Prescription Drug Distribution
  • Logistic Containers
  • Amusement Park Rules/Signage
  • Retail Promotional Advertising
  • Zoo, Garden or Outdoor Park Signs
  • Restaurant Table/POS Signs
  • Personalized In-room Guest Information in Hotels
  • Hotel Conference Schedules and Signage
  • Navigation Instruments
  • Patient/Client Care Charts
  • Factory Automation
  • Room Information for Hospitals, Hotels or Conference Centers
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Data Collection Devices
  • Smart Labels
  • Museum Signage and/or Descriptions
  • Sharp Memory Displays

    Sharp’s Memory Displays take LCD technology to the next level by using a high-contrast dot matrix display, enabling denser content for easier readability. These displays are available in Silver Metallic Polymer Network Liquid Crystal Modules (PNLC) or Clear Monochrome HR-TFT Modules. Display sizes range from .99-inch to 4.4-inch LCDs.

    PNLC Silver metallic LCDs control the transmission (scattering) of incoming light rays which results in more efficient light utilization. This technology provides uniform viewing at any angle, even in high ambient light, great for outdoor readability. It also eliminates the need for a backlight, reducing power consumption.

    The Clear Monochrome Module LCDs offer a display on a white background, delivering high contract for optimal text readability and 30ms response time for scrolling text./

    Application Examples Include:
  • Performance tracking devices
  • Parking meters
  • Wearable technology
  • Smart utility meters
  • Mobile phones
  • Medical monitoring devices
  • Remote controls
  • Wristwatches
  • Any product with a battery
  • Fish finders
  • White Goods
  • Retail Tags