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Technology Options Enable Maximum Performance and Diversity

At Axsys Automation, we specialize in providing intelligent solutions by navigating through the landscape of emerging technologies. We master those technologies that can be successfully merged and applied to a variety of applications. For example, by incorporating wireless technology into a variety of advanced sensors, users are able to get real-time data from devices like thermostats, electric meters, or even restaurant equipment using any device that can access the internet.

Internet of Things

Transfer data over a network without requiring human or computer interactions by embedding the right technologies.

Display Technology

LCD and E-Paper displays. These technologies offer low-cost solutions for stand-alone or integrated displays.

Smart Energy

Our ability to provide intelligent devices, solar devices, low-power and battery devices using a variety of technologies help maximize energy efficiency.

Open Communications & Control

Ethernet, LonWorks®, Modbus®, and power line modules. Addressable, intelligent devices enabling peer-to-peer communications, monitoring, device diagnostics, and control for entire networks.

Sensor Technologies

From temperature, air, and toxic level, to pulse, emotion, and vital sign sensors, Axsys has a wide range of experience with environmental and bio-metric sensor technologies.

Wireless Design

BlueTooth, Radio Frequency and WiFi. These technologies enable easy installation, peer-to-peer communications and quick system integration.