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Our deep-customer engagement process sets us apart from other firms, and consists of three steps:

  1. YOUR IDEA. You know your goals and application better than anyone else, so first we start with your idea.
  2. INSIGHT. The next step is to work closely with you to gain a profound understanding of your requirements and desired outcome.
  3. TRANSLATION. The final step is designing your product. We use our resources to propose a solution that applies the right combination of technologies to maximize performance and your bottom line.

    By focusing on our customer and using a model heavily focused on the outcome, we have been able to significantly decrease development time and costs.

    Whether you partner with Axsys for a specific service, or full service OEM//ODM product development, you can rest assured that your solution will be developed by deeply exploring technologies and by appling real-world application experience to provide a product, and/or function that meets both today’s and tomorrow’s market demands.