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Fully Integrated, Intelligent Cloud-based Solutions for Real-time Control & Diagnostics

Cloud-based solutions take advantage of Wi-Fi, Cellular and Ethernet networks to combine multiple devices and networks into one end-to-end solution. Axsys Automation’s Cloud-based solutions allow you to gather business intelligence, create system dashboards and manage your entire network from anywhere in the world using your smart-phone, tablet or PC. You will be able to gather business intelligence, create system dashboards, develop automated operational controls — like event alerting — and design efficient system maintenance procedures.

By using Axsys Automation to build your cloud-based solution, you will be able to add customer value through differentiation, simplicity, lower costs and scale-ability. Integrating IoT into your products increases functionality and allows for more mobile applications. Operationally you will be able to create individual user profiles, personalized device management and network diagnostics and analytics while using a multi-layer authentication and 128 Bit SSL Encryption backbone to ensure the utmost security.