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Real-world Application Experience

Axsys Automation is a proven leader for product and system Solutions, for a variety of industries. By leveraging our cross-industry experience and resources, you will be able to bring your product to market quickly, using the latest technology while positioning yourself as a market leader in quality and performance.

Health Care

Our medical device experience ranges from patient monitoring devices to medical equipment and system diagnosis such as therapeutic ultrasound and muscle stimulation products.

Building Automation

We are able to help building owners and operators analyze and reduce their costs through real-time monitoring and control products. From lighting controls, protocol routers, I/O devices, low-cost display units and much more.


We provide lighting solutions from illuminating a space to improving safety and security, while being easy to install and maintain.

Smart Energy

Our ability to provide intelligent devices, solar devices, low-power and battery devices using a variety of technologies help maximize energy efficiency.